UK Sport Conference Branding

The branding and graphics for UK Sport’s World Class Performance Conference (WCPC), an event for individuals within the high performance environment to explore critical areas in the Olympic cycle. 
I developed a theme concept for the conference, which consisted of a twisting ribbon element repurposed from the UK Sport logo, to reflect the competitive nature of the Olympics and Paralympics. I enhanced the ribbon to give it a three-dimensional quality, which creates depth when used in collaboration with text and images as it appears to swirl around them. When scaled up and given a lower opacity, it can be used to give text somewhere to sit and differentiate it from other features in the artwork. 
There are a wide range of colours featured in this theme. Often they are used in a gradient, helping to convey the 3D aspect of the ribbon element. I have purposefully used a lot of different colours as it gives the artwork  a strong but simplistic quality, and also allows colour to be used to highlight text. The background is a deep blue to make the feature colours jump off of the page and appear more vibrant.I selected a clean and modern sans serif typeface: Museo Sans. It is highly legible, even from a distance, and even more so when given a white fill colour. The bold version is used to give hierarchy within the text, and also to break up words (see the hashtag as an example).
I went on to present the visual identity in the design of a vast number of branded applications, including speaker graphics, printed collateral and venue branding.
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