The Port House Logo

The Port House is a café, bar and restaurant that also offers a flexible conference space and venue for weddings or parties. The design brief outlined the need for a highly stylised logo motif, to align with their corporate brand aesthetic and appeal to the different markets via a single identity.
My initial graphic elements followed a maritime theme; focusing on the circular shape available from a rope, port hole and wheel. After some variation and design development the client was keen to employ a wave as the central feature of the logo. I worked up several forms which took advantage of the flexible nature of a wave, mostly concentrating on how curves and circles could create a luxurious feel. 
Alongside the logo element, I selected a typeface and colour palette for use across all branding and brand specific collateral. The chosen typeface is Aqua Grotesque; an elegant sans serif, which I have used in upper case to make sure that they can be perceived at a distance, as well as in smaller formats. The colour scheme has a range of blue shades to link to the waterside location and the nautical brand theme.
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