Pitch Presentation

This presentation was designed and created for a global events company who were required to pitch their proposal for the Springer Nature IT Corporate Event. Therefore, the style needed to convey the personality of our client, whilst also appealing to Springer Nature, who are a leading global research, education and professional publisher.
Our client was restricted to 18 slides for the entire pitch presentation. This meant my main aim was balancing quantity of content with quality of design. I used a strict grid to structure each slide; multiple text columns worked to maximise the space available, and images are housed in a variety of sizes to give the presentation a high quality aesthetic. 
The brief outlined that they were looking for an event which would enable them to achieve their “One IT Team” motto. To create this sense of excitement and partnership I lead with a bold orange for the colour scheme. The orange houses text, overlays images, and highlights subheadings. Certain objectives were required, such as location, travel and facilities. Each of these were of equal importance so I followed a consistent layout and hierarchy on each slide.
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