Plymouth College of Art Graduation Branding

 Plymouth College of Art required a design concept to be used across all associated media that they produce for their Graduation ceremony. As an art college, they were looking for a design that is simple but memorable which reflects the experimental nature of the college.
My visual identity uses confetti as a graphic element, which is applied in a set of striking colours to create a celebratory aesthetic. Conceptually, the shapes were crafted to embody the quality of bricks which appear to create a three-dimensional structure. The confetti does not fall, it makes, visualising their “Live Make” brand statement. I wanted to create an identity that is unexpected and unconventional, full of energy and triumph.
I have experimented with the words to create a progressive editorial style which is very popular at the moment. Text sits in a grid structure and is given power with unexpected placement and rotation. I think this will really resonate with the audience, and also express the cutting edge personality of Plymouth College of Art.
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