Meet Birmingham Conference Guide

Marketing Birmingham called for their upcoming annual brochure to be designed and produced, using the existing guide as a reference for development. The brief outlined the need for a fresh-looking publication featuring editorial spreads, directory listings and enhanced entry advertisements.
The objective of the guide is to position Birmingham as a key business tourism destination, as well as communicating the message that Birmingham understands events and offers a professional and comprehensive service.
The front cover needed to entice people to pick up the brochure, so I added a bright colour overlay to a photograph, and used graphic elements to draw attention to the title. It is a simplistic design that conveys the refined and professional image that Marketing Birmingham were looking for. My design for the editorial page spreads balances text and image content with strong colours and powerful typography. The illustrative icons are a great way to keep the design fresh and contemporary whilst adding an element of fun. I used them to highlight key features of Birmingham as a destination for conferences, aiming to appeal to the international target audience.
I made several design and layout improvements to the existing publication. They include making body text more legible with solid backgrounds, and the addition of fully visible photographs to visually promote Birmingham as a location. I also redesigned the format of the enhanced entry advertisements; housing content in squares to keep a consistent style and overlapping elements to create depth.
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